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Otres Beach

A bit far from town, Otres Beach is ,4.5 kilometers, the fastest growing beach

in Preah Sihanouk Province.

Several beach & fine dining shops stands in this area.  Electricity and a couple new roads were developed, so it's expanding rapidly. Most foreign visitors love to spend their time here and lay on the beach with good atmosphere (calm and fresh). Also, sailboat and kayak rentals and windsurfing re also available. Visitors enjoy most- the breathtaking sunset. Looking at the rapid influx of tourists-   investments rose in this location; more hotels and guesthouses were built with room rates from $5 to $150.

Ochheuteal Beach

The Ochheuteal Beach is located on the East side of town, about 5-10 minutes (depending on ???????????????????????????????traffic) ride from downtown. This beach has a length of about 3.3 kilometers with beautiful white sand, clear shallow water for visitors to swim and lie on the beach under the sunshine especially in the morning and afternoon.  Along the beachfront are huts and foreign bars that can provide many kinds of food (most places serve Khmer style foods and some offer Western foods) for visitors.

Serendipity Beach

The Serendipity Beach stretches to about 500 meters and it’s at the end of Ochheuteal Beach. Surrounding the beach are western style bars, hotels, and restaurants; day time is not so busy as in the night time. Ferry boats are available for visitors to tour the Islands ( Koh Rong, Koh Rong Somleum Islands ).

 Sokha Beach

The Sokha beach is a private beach, with a stretch of 1.5 kilometers long with the nice clean sand exclusive to guests of the Sokha Hotel and Resort.  Sokha Hotel and Resort is a 5 star luxurious hotel in Preah Sihanouk Province.

Independence Beach

The Independence Beach gets its name from Independence Hotel (hotel 7-stories). It is labeled '7-Chann Beach' on the in-town street sign. Independence Beach is more than a kilometer long, but the sandy area is much narrower making the beach best when the tide is low. The beach is wider and more tourists toward the northwest end near a small fresh water lake (which is the source of the town's fresh water and is rumored to contain crocodiles). The road along the old Independence Hotel is covered with woods which is the habitat of Rhesus monkeys; an added attraction to visitors as monkeys often hang around the stretch.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii beach is filled with pine trees, shading the beach area.  Many small boats are available for rent to the islands.  Right next to it is the bridge that connects to Snake Island, which you can see a few hundred meters from the shore.  There are several beach restaurants and there’s a new building nearby.

Victory Beach

This beach is near the Sihanoukville Port, becomes the tourist beach on the West on the town. Along this area are private companies developing it with buildings i.e. Hotels, Guesthouses, Restaurants. etc.

Ream National Park or Ream Beach                               

 Ream National Park is one of the National Parks in Cambodia. It is approximately 20 km from downtown by passing the Keng Kong Airpot. It is a wildlife and is not limited to: rhesus monkeysdugongsturtlesdolphinsmouse-deerSarus crane, and pelicans. The vegetation habitats of the park include lowland evergreen forest, melaleuca forest, and mangrove forest. The National Park provides a substantial economic resource locally. Almost 30,000 people or 5,500 households live in the 5 communes around the border of Ream National Park.  Population growth rates are estimated at nearly 3%.  Four of these communes are located on the boundary of Ream, and a total of 13 villages have land lying within the Park’s boundaries.